Reiki Classes


Reiki is divided up into three degrees:

Level I Attunement: After receiving a Level I attunement, students can heal physical level diseases in themself and others by direct hands on healing. You will learn the hand positions and your Universal Life Energy will be “turned on”.  It takes three to four weeks to adjust to the Reiki I Attunement.

  • Reiki I is a 9 hour class (1 day) and is offered at $195.00

Level II Attunement: After receiving a Level II Attunement, students receive a considerable amount of power to direct sessions, three Reiki symbols (sacred and not to be shared with anyone), and the ability to send “long distance Reiki” to those in need. Level II opens up the positive mental & emotional energies.

  • Reiki II is a 9 hour class (1 day) and is offered at $250.00.

Master/Teacher Attunement and Degree: This degree is only recommended for the serious healer, and especially for those who wish to teach Reiki and to make Reiki a major part of their lives. After receiving a Master Attunement, students will experience a further increase in the amount of healing energy power and the healing ability will reach a higher level. After completing instructed assignments, students are then able to open their own Reiki school.

  • Reiki Master/Teacher is a 27 hour class (3 day) and is offered at $995.00.

Please contact Carolyn directly for the class schedule.

Carolyn J. Sheehan – Founder/Owner of Integrative Healing specializes in Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing. Carolyn is a Certified Level I and Level II Reiki Practitioner through Laura Scott, Raleigh NC. Carolyn is a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher through N.A.T.H. (National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists)  Kill Devils Hills NC.