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2019 Special Events & Reiki Training

Womb Regression

August 20th 7-9pm

Join us for your Birth Regression!
Through Hypnosis Regression a person can recall the events before the development of its body. The fetus can see, hear, experience, taste, learn and feel while forming in the mother’s womb. People are also responsible for their pre-birth planning, picking their parents, their next life, and witnessing their conception, all these experiences are recorded in the subconscious mind. The subconscious records all experience’s, thoughts, feelings of the mother, father, and the environment while they were growing, forming and preparing for birth. As a result, many of our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional triggers can be traced to experiences that we had while growing in the womb AND through the birthing process. Sometimes this is where emotional and physical situations first occur. Situations like anxiety, abandonment, claustrophobia, throat issues, headaches, neck aches, depression, etc….. can be traced back to traumas carried from birth and even beyond birth. BUT the most important part of this exploration is because of the science of quantum physics and hypnosis, we not only able to remember these experiences but we have the power to change the issues if desired to restore and rebalance which in turn takes out the energy of the person physically, mentally and spiritually and allows for more understanding into current life situations. A birth Regression is also a great way to remember your life purpose and allow you to re-enter your perfect state of balance you came in with.

Cost $25. RSVP to integrativehealinginc@gmail.com

Past Life Regression (Sample)
September 3rd 7-9pm

Past Life Regressions are really awesome!
Under hypnosis, we go to the most IMPORTANT Past Life related to your current life issues or goals. We get all your information there about who you are and what your life was like. We then go up to spirit, you meet your spirit guides and then you go to your council review to discuss the life you just lived and your current life you are living.
The only thing I require from my clients is that they have meditation experience, even if you start for a few minutes a day.
Past Life regression sessions allow you to explore your past incarnations most reverent to your current life patterns, struggles or issues.
*People are affected by your past lives whether you are aware of it or not.
*Your subconscious mind carries around memories of your past existence, including those of past lives. Regardless of your present physical body, your subconscious mind can recognize the energy pattern of those who you have encountered before.
*We are all born into this world remembering our past lives but by the time we turn 5 years of age we have forgotten who we were and the sources of who we once were.
*Past life experience creates the dominate patterns in your present life.
*Past Life Regression is a direct way to access the origins of these patterns and heal present life issues.
*It is the process of healing the soul by healing the past. It helps clients explore, understand, heal and rebalance physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Why engage in a PLR Session?
*What’s my life’s purpose? *Just curious
*Life feels challenging *Why am I here?
*People notice continued patterns of behavior conflicts, concerns or relationship issues in the current life.
*Looking for personal growth, development, and healing.
*Explore historical facts or events the person feel connected to.
Expand their spiritual awareness.
*Some choose to explore their connection to their current soul groups and relationships.
*Clients find inner peace in their current life knowing there is more beyond this life…..that the soul does go on!
Main Past Life Healing Benefits
*Through PLR we can become aware of the results of carrying those burdens from lifetime to lifetime resulting in stress, pain, blockage, phobias, and dysfunction on every level. By healing the reside of these Past Life episodes, we can leave the events in their rightful places, bringing only the residual wisdom and growth into the present.
*By healing the past you heal your future. By making these patterns conscious the healing begins.
*Understand one’s life purpose *Understand the lessons in this life
*See personal relationships with a new understanding
*Remember talents and abilities one did have
*Release fears and anxieties linked to past life drama-often people have unexplained challenges
*People may experience unexplained fears or obstacles affecting their health, decisions or behaviors.
*There could be conscious or unconscious patterns which create conflict in their current life. This could be keeping them from reaching their highest potential or from achieving their goals.
*Release past life trauma at the root of physical problems
*The process of remembering the issue diffuses the energy around the pattern no longer to be an issue.
*Lessons learned will continue to integrate for days, weeks, months and even years later. For some, the experience is so profound for others it may be subtle, each experience is different.
*All these patterns from the past are triggered and repeated in our present life. By making these patterns conscious, we release the ones that no longer serve us.
*Freeing us to live more fully in the present life.
Cost $25.00 RSVP to integrativehealinginc@gmail.com

Reiki II Training
October 5th 9am-6pm

Are you ready to kick your Reiki I up a notch?
This is an invitation for all who would like to become a Traditional Usui Reiki II Practitioner!

Reiki is a Japanese healing method using the universal life force or higher power. “Rei” is translated as “sacred” “spirit” and “ki” is life force energy which flows through every living thing. Life Force Energy is present in all living things to effect change, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually (even to worldwide situations). Reiki energies, restores, revitalizes and rebalances the body, mind, and spirit. It is a very powerful modality, yet gentle and loving.

Traditional Reiki Level II, will be offered on Saturday, October 5th, 2019 from 9:00 am-6:00 pm at The Sagewood Center Pleasant Pines Drive Raleigh, NC Reiki I is a pre-requisite for this class and is usually recommended that one practice First Degree for about three months before receiving Second Degree training.

In second Degree you will receive two additional attunements which tend to stimulate further development of intuition and increase Reiki energy you can channel. You are taught three sacred symbols each of which has their own unique healing energy, together with a range of special techniques that use one or more of these symbols. The first of these symbols will allow the practitioner to increase their Reiki Power, the second symbol will allow the practitioner to stimulate further development of intuition as well as to help the person being healed with their mental/emotional state. The third symbol will allow for long distance healing to a person/animal or global situation.

A great book to purchase is “Reiki for Life” by Penelope Quest (be sure it’s the updated edition). It’s also a great idea if possible to have a Reiki Treatment before class so you know what the experience is like.

You will also receive a study manual and a certificate of completion awarded. This is being offered at the price of $225.00

Meet Your Spirit Guides Meditation

October 5th

This meditation is designed to engage you in a conversation with your guides , Archangels, Guardian Angels who know you best. It is intended to help you in your spiritual growth and the achievement of your highest purpose
*Before you begin, it is important to take a moment to clarify for yourself the question, issue or concern that you will use as a focus for this session.

Free Reiki Share

Every 4th Tuesday of the Month-The Sagewood Center 6801 Pleasant Pines Drive Suite 101 Raleigh NC  27613.  Offered August 27th and September 24th and October 22nd.  Reiki practitioners and non-practitioners gather together to share in a Reiki healing with one another. Each takes turns giving and receiving a 10-15 minute Reiki treatment. All are welcome even those who don’t practice Reiki but would like to have a session or just come for the experience. The center also holds Reiki shares on the second Thursday of every month for those who can’t attend Tuesday evenings.