Life in Between Lives Regression

What is a Life in Between Lives Session?

Did you ever wonder what happens to the soul during the space between our lives? Life in Between Lives is an advanced method of spiritual regression. This spiritual regression allows clients to regress back into the spirit world. It enables direct contact and dialogue with clients’ soul lives.

A certified Life in Between Lives session should be facilitated by a Master Hypnotherapist (see hypnotherapy page) who guides the client under deep hypnosis from the subconscious mind into the super-conscious mind in order to reach the immortal memories of the soul.

Clients are regressed from a past life through the death scene and into a life between lives memories.

The altered state of consciousness enables the soul to view past lives and consider its purpose in the next life, with the help of one’s group of spirit elders.

When clients experience entering the Spirit World, they instantly become aware of all the love, compassion, and forgiveness in coming “home.”

This type of session allows a person to continue the current life with awareness and renewed energy and strength. It also helps clients explore, understand, heal, and re-balance physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

A Past Life Regression is a prerequisite in order to have a session and is offered to adults who are at least 25 years of age.

Why choose a Life in Between Lives session?

Many spiritual, karmic, and health questions can be answered during a session. The client can expect to receive relevant information and answers to these questions and much more.

  • What is my purpose in this life?
  • Why are my relationships so complicated?
  • Why is life so challenging?
  • Do I really belong here on this planet or as part of this world?
  • What happens to us when we die?
  • What are my past, present, and future health issues?

The session allows clients to:

  • see, speak, or “know” their loved ones who passed over,
  • heal karmic ties with others from a previous life, and
  • participate in pre-birth planning for the next life.

What does the client experience during a past life between lives session?

At the beginning of the session, the client will be guided through a progressive relaxation or a guided imagery hypnotherapy session like a traditional hypnotherapy appointment. Then the client will recall a happy childhood memory, experience a past life memory, and then be guided to go to the time of transition from that body into the higher realms.

While in the soul state, a client may recognize and communicate with soul group members, spirits, and spirit guides. They may receive guidance and a spiritual life review with their council members in order to help them move forward in their current life.

Clients may experience pre-Birth Planning or a Body Selection Stage, as well as identifying soul mates or soul companions, identifying your soul color and reviewing past incarnations. Visits to different stations such as schools, the Akashic Records Library, or places of rest and rejuvenation may be experienced. These are all of the stations one might experience during a Life Between Lives session.

Life Between Lives (LBL) is based on Michael Newton, PhD, a Licensed Counselor and best-selling author of “Journey of Souls”, Destiny of Souls”, and “Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression”. Dr. Newton’s research has documented over 7,000 Life Between Lives cases over the last 30 years. For more information on Dr. Newton go to

Carolyn is a certified Life in Between Lives Hypnotherapist thru The National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists (NATH).