Past Life Regression Testimonials

“I first met Carolyn almost a year ago at a Body Mind Spirit Expo. I was overwhelmed by my first expo, but I definitely remember sharing with her about her Reiki and the dedication she had put into her practice. After going on a lot of different paths, I passed by her booth in May at the One Tribe event. Without even looking me in the eyes she said “I remember you!” I was stunned that she had felt my energy and recalled it after so long.

Naturally I took her seriously when she recommended I learn Reiki of some kind. Throughout that month I got a few signals from Spirit that I needed a past life regression and that some patterns from them were coming up. I was not aware at the time what those patterns were, and I was in great health and happy, but I decided to follow through and book an appointment with Carolyn.

Sure enough, the week of the appointment life gave me a wake-up call and I left my job and had my heart broken. The past life regression came at just the right time and it was a wonderful experience. Carolyn was very gentle and adept, and used Reiki to assist with the healing. When I came out of hypnoses my body felt very heavy and relaxed, I truly felt I was coming back from another world. Giving me some much needed perspective, the regression helped me reflect on all that had just happened to me. Skepticism is healthy, but the insight gained from past life regression will change your life. Don’t let doubt get in the way of your understanding. – A.F.

I recently had a past life regression with Carolyn and I could not have been more satisfied and amazed by the experience.  I honestly didn’t think it would work on me, but within minutes I was gently and safely guided into a deep state of hypnosis.  The information I retrieved was vivid, meaningful and deeply healing for me in this life.  Before the session, Carolyn had me prepare a list of goals and questions I would like answered.  Now I have a full 2 hour recording endnotes packed with answers, answers that poured out of me in a seemingly magical, divinely inspired way.  I feel that this work lets us access our inner guidance and accelerate healing in a way that rarely happens in other therapeutic modalities.  I also wanted to share just how safe and taken care of I felt during my session with Carolyn.  I immediately relaxed in her presence and knew she was thoroughly committed to me having the best experience possible.  She knew just what to say and to ask in order to guide me into the hypnosis and help me access all my answers.  I couldn’t recommend her more! – S.S

From the moment I met Carolyn, I felt completely comfortable in her capable hands.  She alleviated all fears I had with the Past Life Regression she was about to facilitate and explained in great detail what to expect throughout the process.  As I went under hypnosis, she walked me through a series of exercises to help me jog memories from my current life and thus prepare me for retrieving memories from my past life easily.  The details I received from both the present life and past life memories were extremely vivid and also very touching.  I can honestly say that I learned a lot about my past life and that I am now using this information to better myself and the people around me.  Carolyn took the time to talk about the experiences that I had experienced and allowed me to reflect on what some of the meanings were.  She is very detailed with her notes and reiterates the information in a kind and loving way to help you learn from your past.  Thank you, Carolyn for your warm and comforting session! – K.R.

I had the pleasure to work with Carolyn on a past life regression under hypnosis and I had a wonderful, safe, and professional experience. I have had several successful past life regressions sessions, so I know what to expect when a session is done well. Carolyn has a great space for the work and took plenty of time to set the mood for a safe journey. Carolyn recorded the session for me and took me through a powerful regression asking helpful and guiding questions so I could get the most out of my time in the regression. Once we were done Carolyn took time to gently pull me out of the hypnosis and spent time with me afterwards reviewing the work we did. I can highly recommend her as an excellent counselor and for her work doing the past life regression for me. – P.Y.

The Past Life experience you facilitated with me has remained with me and has become a little part of who I now am.  Thank You for sharing your gift of healing! – L.J.

“Carolyn thank you for my Past Life Regression. I am so glad you were able to take me back. I have tried before with other therapists and was not able to. The experience and knowledge has made a he difference in my life! I feel like I’m born again. I see with much more clarity. I grew spiritually! my life is better now because I’m able to heal from issues that I brought with me from the last life. Thank you again! God bless.” L.F.