Reiki Testimonials

“This was my first experience ever having an energy healing and Carolyn was AMAZING!  She took the time to explain what would happen during a session and was especially patient when I kept barraging her with questions. She’s very knowledgeable about Usui Reiki and Angelic healing. I left feeling more energized than I’ve felt in years.  I highly recommend her”. MB 1/05/2020


“I have had numerous Reiki sessions with Carolyn within the past six months, and I must say that I’ve had great experiences with her every time I visited her. First of all, she’s got a great personality and always welcomes you with a warm heart. She’s extremely professional and very well organized. She always takes notes and she’s very detail-oriented. She’s very intuitive and gets into the root cause of your problem right away. The Reiki sessions I had with her were truly spectacular and always felt so great. I felt lighter and more confident almost after every session. She also provides her services through Zoom video conference which was surprisingly a wonderful experience as well. As a person who had Reiki sessions many times in my life, honestly speaking she’s the best one so far. I strongly recommend her for all Reiki sessions and other spiritual work she offers for her clients. The bottom line is when she says she helps you achieve your goals, she really means it! God bless you, Carolyn, for all the work you’ve done for me. Thank you!” M.G May 2020


“This was my very first Reiki alternative healing EVER and I could not have asked anyone for a better practitioner. I have not had such a sense of peace and wellbeing in years as I did after my treatment and it was truly life changing. I really hated for the session to end. Would definitely use her services again.” Tiffani.


“When I went in for cancer surgery, I hired Carolyn for remote Reiki. She enlisted volunteers to team up with her to do weekly treatments until I felt better. (And yes, I could feel them working from afar!)”


“Carolyn’s prices are VERY reasonable for all her services. I recommend her!” – Carol S.

“I struggle with weakness and pain in my left hand as a residual effect from a stroke three years ago. I’ve done all kinds of activities from stress balls, hand exercise machines, and working out to strengthen my hand. It has helped, but when I have bouts of fatigue, my hand still has pain. I thought it would never go away. I knew nothing about Reiki. I’m not much into alternative medicines and treatments. When I had the opportunity to have Carolyn perform Reiki on me, I thought to myself I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. She immediately made me feel at ease. She has a very calming way about her. As we chatted, she held onto my hand. After a couple of minutes, I felt my hand began to get hot. She explained something to me about the “universal energy” and started to feel great. After a while, she asked if all the pain had dissipated. I said no, my thumb still hurts, so she concentrated more on that area. Before I knew it, I was feeling totally relaxed and wonderful. It’s been a couple of months and I still feel great, but have a little-tired feeling in my hand. I have set up another appointment with her and I can’t wait!” – E.N.

“Thank you so very, very much for your time, wonderful energy and healing! I have felt so much relief and joy fro your energy healing, I think you again and again! Big Hug!” T.K.

“ Carolyn this was the most monumental life experience I have had. Thank you for my Reiki Master Class and for you being both my Reiki Master Teacher and friend. I can’t even begin to express the gratitude for all you have brought back into my early existence, I look forward to more monumental experiences with you and Reiki!!!! Hugs and kisses!” K.T.


“Carolyn was incredible.  I was having a health/emotional crisis and she wrote back to me immediately and gave me a remote (long) distance Reiki treatment over the weekend when I was unable to come into her office.  I then had a Reiki follow up email in person.  She is a kind, healing, intuitive, personable and really cares about what she does.  I felt much better after my two treatments with her.  I would recommend her to anyone needing healing and guidance in a holistic manner.” P.L

“I just took Reiki 1 with Carolyn. It was wonderful. She is such a heartfelt person. Her energy is radiant. She was so gentle and strong. The effects and sharing with everyone present was incredible. I am already feeling the effects. I can’t to be able to integrate my new skills to my Pilates classes and in my natural skin/hair/teeth care!!
I strongly recommend!!
You meet her? You’re sold! 
Love you Carolyn!
Nancy @ouastylist
Be natural, Be beautiful, Be you!!”

“Carolyn is by far the very best Reiki Master I have ever encountered! I was blessed to experience her amazing reiki energy treatment… I highly recommend her! Thank you! 🙏🏽🌹” A.S.