Testimonials from Carolyn’s clients

To protect patient confidentiality, all testimonials will be posted only using the client’s initials.

“Carolyn is gifted with a calm, reassuring and unassuming voice.  I was gently and easily guided into a hypnotic state.  I sought her services as I have been an on an off smoker for over 4 decades? With her skillful guidance and my determination, I am now a Permanent Non-Smoker!!! I highly recommend Carolyn Sheehan to anybody truly ready for a transformation of a habit that no longer serves a purpose.” – M.M. January 10, 2019


“Carolyn Sheehan is INCREDIBLE!  She can do more in a few hours than most psychiatrists can do in years, and for way less money!  After one visit with her I’m now able to cope with life’s challenges, I sleep better, and I’m in a better mood.  Before seeing Carolyn, I felt like I had rocks in my pockets weighting me down with zero energy, but now I feel light and happy.  The most AMAZING part came when she helped me find unconditional love.  Some folks vacation at the beach or spa, but I’m coming to see Carolyn!” – S.E.B

“I have been a professional healer for more than 20 years and have worked with many healers.  My session with Carolyn still holds surprises for me. Carolyn is a talented, caring hypnotherapist who can take you where you need to go.  After my session I had several tangible changes that can only be sure of our work together.  My love is pretty great as it is but Carolyn is helping me to be even better!  I highly recommend having at least one session with Carolyn.  I am look forward to my next session.” – L.M.

“After only one session with Carolyn, my teenage daughter has made remarkable progress.  She now speaks her mind more freely and even disagrees with me, which is great. She needed to lose so many of her fears to become the person she was meant to be.  Her fear of driving and several other activities has lessened or even disappeared.  She’s expanded her friend circle and joined several more clubs at school.  She has blossomed within a month!  Thanks Carolyn ” –  A grateful Mom

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“Carolyn Sheehan is a gifted healer.  As her client, I’ve had several occasions to benefit from her professional and nurturing care.  She is focused on the positive experience of her clients during their appointment as well as the end result of healing.  She made me feel quite at ease, safe and comfortable.  I would recommend her to anyone who feels they have physical, emotional, or mental issues that are not easily remedied through traditional avenues. The peaceful energy that she projects represents her ability to provide her clients a successful outcome no matter how difficult the problem they seem to be having.  She is amazing!” – M.G.

“Carolyn has definitely helped me get past a very difficult time in my life.  I am now in a good place and I am making progress with her suggestions and therapies.  I am so very grateful to have met her and I know many others who will benefit from her gifts.” – L.P.

“A professional who truly know her gifts and fulfills expectations in healing mind body and spirit.  Highly recommended!” – R.S.

“I have been able to step into the “new me” and am fairly easily doing what I am supposed to do with out any fear/anxiety.  I am not being hindered by “non-thoughts” as I was before.  I have had a great success at work, restaurants and stores.  I cannot thank you enough for your help.” – J.H.

“Carolyn’s love, caring and courage is remarkable and I am so grateful the Good Lord answered my prayers and brought us to her.  My son’s life has dramatically improved.  I immediately recognized the change on our drive back home.  His demeanor has greatly improved, he is more lovable, sociable and he has slept the whole night, you have helped us all!  I cannot properly express in words how much I appreciate what you have done for my son’s quality of life!” – P.P.

“If you have something you need to work on, remember, improve or change make sure you make an appointment with Integrative Healing!” – A.R.

“Thank you so much for the time you spent with me last week!  I wanted to write to you to let you know my frame of mind has been so much better and I already feel more grounded and solid since our session!  I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.” – N.D.

“I cannot THANK YOU enough for the gift of listening deeply to my Higher Self ~ I am thrilled with our session and all the insights I have been experiencing!” – M.P.

“I am amazed and wanted to thank you for hitting me on the head with our session today, you brought me into a whole new light/life.” – J.S.

“You extract memories for people and help them to improve their lives, like Professor Dumbledore did when extracting his memories into that basin thing!!” C.S.

“Being that this was my first time experiencing hypnotherapy, I was initially nervous about what to expect.  However, within the first few minutes of meeting with Carolyn, she eased my worries and truly provided a safe space for the exploration I needed to experience.  She never made me feel judged or unpracticed.  In fact, she encouraged me to confront things that I otherwise would not have felt I could without her support.  In short, Carolyn’s services are beyond helpful-they were transformative and I am so grateful I took the leap and she was there to guide me through it.” J.S.

“Carolyn is very professional passionate and caring. She goes above and beyond to assist in helping you heal. I have had other hypnosis sessions with other therapists but they do not compare to Carolyn. I highly recommend! Love and light to all!” T.D.

“Carolyn helped me to do the deep work I have been trying to do myself for years. She is an excellent therapist with a knack for asking the right questions and bringing you to the core of your issues. Not only did I make peace with my past but I have a new lease on life and am very much looking forward to my present and future. If you are searching for answers to life’s deepest questions, Carolyn can help guide you toward that place. Thanks again!” T.D.

“After our first session, I knew I’ll come back for more. It was a wonderful, “life changing experience with a professional who is really knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. Carolyn offered a comforting presence, compassionate and safe environment to do deeply emotional work. I can honestly say my quality of life has improved and is continuously enhanced through the work we have done together so far. Also, it’s so much fun!” M.W.

“Carolyn is one of a kind. She has a wonderful presence that makes you feel comfortable and cared for. Her hypnotherapy has been very effective for me and I can really see how my life has changed because of sessions with her. Would definitely recommend!” C.C.

“Carolyn was great. This was my 1st experience with hypnosis. The purpose was clinical hypnosis for smoking cessation and it has worked! It has provided me the ability to move on from a 30 year habit! Much better than patches, gum and Chantix ever did. Thank you Carolyn!” M.B.