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Reiki I Training
Next class date TBD  • Souly Holistic, Raleigh NC

Learn Traditional USUI Reiki I! Reiki (pronounced “Ray-Key”) is a healing technique originating in Japan that is used for stress reduction, pain relief, relaxation, and promoting overall health and spiritual balance.

There are three degrees of Reiki Training, Reiki I (basic techniques), Reiki II (advanced techniques and symbols), and Reiki Master-Teacher. My name is Carolyn Sheehan, and I’m a Certified Medical Reiki Master-Teacher based in Raleigh, NC.

In this training, you will:

  • Learn about the history and origin of Reiki
  • Receive 4 attunements (which activates your ability to channel Reiki energy)
  • Learn basic lessons about the Endocrine System and the Chakra systems
  • Hand positions to do self-treatment as well as full-body treatment on others
  • Practice these positions on fellow classmates.
  • Grounding, centering & protection
  • Receive study manual and certificate of completion awarded.

It is recommended one should work on healing themselves first for 3 months before continuing on to Reiki II training.

This class is being offered at a price of $195.00.

It is recommended that one reads Reiki for Life by Penelope Quest (the updated edition linked here, ISBN-10: 1101983264) up to page 159, and please receive a reiki treatment before training.

This training is limited to 8 students. Paying in advance will secure your spot! You can sign up here, by sending PayPal (friends and family) to integrativehealinginc@gmail.com, or Venmo to @Carolyn-Sheehan-8.


Reiki II Training
May 20th 2023, 9am-6pm  •  Souly Holistic
, Raleigh NC

Are you ready to kick your Reiki I up a notch?

This is an invitation for all who would like to become a Traditional Usui Reiki II Practitioner!

Reiki I is a pre-requisite for this class and is usually recommended that one practice First Degree for about three months before receiving Second Degree training.

In the Second Degree, you will receive two additional attunements which tend to stimulate further development of intuition and increase the Reiki energy you can channel. You are taught three sacred symbols each of which has its own unique healing energy, together with a range of special techniques that use one or more of these symbols. The first of these symbols will allow the practitioner to increase their Reiki Power, the second symbol will allow the practitioner to stimulate further development of intuition as well as to help the person being healed with their mental/emotional state. The third symbol will allow for long-distance healing to a person/animal or global situation.

A great book to purchase is “Reiki for Life” by Penelope Quest (be sure it’s the updated edition).

You will also receive a study manual and a certificate of completion awarded. This is being offered at a price of $225.00. Paying in advance will secure your spot! You can sign up here, or by sending PayPal friends and family to integrativehealinginc@gmail.com, or Venmo to @Carolyn-Sheehan-8.


Complimentary Reiki Share Starting again soon!

Free Reiki Share* – We gather together Every 4th Tuesday of the Month from 6:30-8:30 pm to share Reiki healing with one another and reflect and share our experiences. Each person takes turns giving and receiving a 10-15 minute Reiki treatment from the group. All are welcome, even those who don’t practice Reiki but would like to have a session or just come for the experience.

*Donations and love offerings welcome